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Te Whāiti Road, Ruatāhuna Road update #6

Monday, June 19, 2017

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The massive job of repairing flood damage to Te Whāiti and Ruatāhuna Roads has continued to make very good progress and the Whakatāne District Council is now confident that Te Whāiti Road will be reopened for limited local access from 5pm tomorrow (Friday 16 June).

Significant road damage contractors have been repairing on Te Whāiti Road

After discussions with Ngāti Whare in Murupara and Tūhoe Manawaru Tribal in Ruatāhuna, it has been agreed that the road will be open (to local users only), from 5pm to 8pm each evening and 5am to 8am each morning. The road will be closed overnight (for security reasons) and during the day between 8am and 5pm, so that the contractors can get on with the repair work safely and without the delays created by passing traffic. It’s expected that restricted access will remain in place until Friday 28 July, when the Council hopes to be able to reopen the road to all traffic, with safe, two-lane unsealed access re-established through all of the damaged sections. In the meantime, security gates will remain in place at the southern and northern ends of Te Whāiti Road. These will be manned by security staff 24 hours/day.

Special access will be available during the closure periods for emergency services, community health services & medical requirements, shift workers starting or finishing shifts overnight, and commercial deliveries.

Key targets

  • Friday 16 June – Te Whāiti Road open for restricted local use only – open 5am-8am and 5pm-8pm each day.
  • End of July – Full public use restored with safe two-lane, unsealed access available through all damaged sections.
  • Summer 2017/18 - Further works will continue through the spring and summer to fully restore the road to the condition it was in before the storm.


Until Te Whāiti Road reopens to all traffic at the end of July, alternative access to and from Murupara will continue to be available for local residents via Timberlands’ roads. WDC will be responsible for assessing road safety and initiating any improvements that may be required.

Anyone using these roads will still need to do so with caution, because logging trucks will be on the road too. Drivers are asked to take extra care, keep speeds down, and be ready to stop if asked to do so by Timberlands staff.

“Drive to the conditions and travel at a speed that allows you to stop within half the visible distance in front of you.”

Contact People

Te Waiti Rangiwai
Pou Whakahaere – Group General Manager
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare
07 366 5690; te_waiti@ngatiwhare.iwi.nz

Winiata Tamaki
Community representative - Minginui, Te Whāiti & Ngaputahi
07 366 3184; winiata.tamaki@gmail.com

Mahue Tawa
Infrastructure Co-ordinator
Tūhoe Manawaru Tribal
07 366 3228; mahue@tuhoemanawarutribal.co.nz

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